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Sunday, August 8, 2010

So Which Is It?

The conservative blog HotAir has long been known for not only it's sophistry, but it's connection to Michelle Malkin as well as being a conservative haven that will openly parrot even the most preposterous narratives that Fox"News" insists on peddling. However, it seems that some of the new bloggers that HotAir management has decided to showcase can't seem to stay on message when it comes to certain topics that their media masters at Fox are tackling.

Case in point is a new piece by Mike Antonucci who takes the predictable dig at financial bill directed at poorly funded educational programs around the country. Not to deviate from the conservative viewpoint that public school teachers and an organized workforce will ultimately be the downfall of America, Antonucci bundles the two together in a severely short-sighted and ultimately faulty meme that does nothing but further the notion that Congress has no idea what is really happening with their country.

The teachers’ unions got their $10 billion bailout through the U.S. Senate and the House will likely follow suit when it reconvenes. Both of Maine’s Republican Senators, Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, crossed the aisle to put the measure over the top. Here are a few more news stories about what has been going on in the states while this amendment worked its way through Congress...

What follows is a rather short and overly simplistic list of 6 school districts that are actually seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. And to the eye of a reactionary conservative, this would likely prove the author's point, that there is no need for any financial assistance to any school district in the United States. However, this poorly constructed thesis falls apart when you take the few seconds to consider that not all school districts are as lucky as the 6 that Antonucci cherry-picked for his piece.

But the faulty premise that is presented within the HotAir blog also is in direct contrast to what Glenn Beck recently screamed about - that school funding is being cut across America. So which one is it? Are teachers in America being rehired or are they still under threat of removal from their respective schools?

Conservatives love to have it both ways, but they rarely - if ever - get away with it. Mike Antonucci has provided us with another example of how the message will shift as many times as possible as long as they can shape the narrative to favor them. Unfortunately for him, he isn't nearly as adept at his craft as he would like to think, considering how transparently flawed his standpoint is.

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