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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Musicology

While listening to this NIN Remix EP in my car today, I'm reminded that remixes of tracks today are either lackluster interpretations of pre-packaged pop or no one even bothers with re-imagining the recordings of today because they are - guess what - pre-packaged pop.

This isn't to say that you won't hear remixes of Katie Perry, Lady GaGa, or MIA, but are these the artists that true electronic music pioneers really want to work with? I'm certain that there are some out there that feel even these three examples are on the "cutting edge" of modern musical entertainment, but when you have to rely on zit-cream commercials, exploding crotch costumes, and videos that emulate genocide, then I'm guessing that your music is lacking in just enough substance for you to require supplemental income.

But lets go back to 1997, when Halo 11 was released. Here is Plug's remix of The Perfect Drug.

While Reznor describes the time in which he wrote this track as one where he was listening to a lot of Drum and Bass and Jungle, it seems only fitting that Plug ( Luke Vibert ) remixed this track. For me, it's a standout of the EP.

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