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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Same, But Explained

Standard fare from Rush, but I think this should be examined.

Notice how Rush immediately starts his defense of how mouth-agape conservatives are reacting to Cordoba House ( not a mosque by it's strict definition. Also, the name is now Park 51 ) by creating the "what if" narrative that has nothing to do with the form, function, or name of the building. From the jump, Rush has completely contorted the issue from one of freedom of religion to retail. But more on that later.

While Rush's incessant and seemingly amphetamine fueled blatherings about Park 51 are not grounded in reality for one second, it's interesting to note that there is already a Muslim "chapel" at the Pentagon that not one conservative seems to even be remotely bothered with. And this was something that Limbaugh brayed about like a donkey with dysentery. Do these people not do any research?

But more to the point; conservatives like Rush are all too eager to run headlong into that brick wall that is labeled "what if". It's not even partially connected to the issue at hand. It's a tactic that is utilized to distract you from what is really going on. The same can even be said about the name AND the location of Park 51. It's almost 3 blocks from the most northern edge of Ground Zero as well as not even being a mosque.

Keith Olbermann had something to say about this that I think bares repeating.

Possibly the one point that Keith brings up that I think needs to be highlighted is that conservatives are so intellectually lazy when it comes to reporting on issues such as Park 51 - which shouldn't be an issue to begin with. There has been a place of Muslim worship within a comparable distance to what is now known as Grown Zero for longer than I have been alive; even almost as long as people that are up in arms against Park 51 have been alive and yet we have heard nothing from them.

Why is that?

While Rush as attempting to conflate the very real and very honest issue of a big package store pushing the "mom and pop" "small businesses" that he claims to champion out existence, I sat back and listened to this nearly 3 minutes of inane drivel and finally got it.

As much as I have said that conservatives like Rush lack the ability to exercise rational thought, reasoning, even basic query on issues like why Park 51 is going to be located where it is, I have to say that I am wrong. Conservatives do have that ability - they simply choose not to use it. Why? There is only one answer - that they can't be seen as wrong.

When a person like Rush Limbaugh has so much invested in his position, so much drool and heavy breathing put into his false premises, there's no way he's going to pass up the opportunity to make people believe something that simply isn't there. There's no way that he will deny any moment where he can say the building ( that is essentially on par with a YMCA ) is going to be a breeding ground for terrorists.

Does any conservative have the ability to be honest about this?

And this was the guy that helped George W. Bush steal the election away from Al Gore. How's that for a slice of irony?

1 comment:

Darius Whiteplume said...

I can't stomach the right's views on this, but did watch the Olberman clip.

If the right wants to honor the heroes of 9/11, maybe they should have passed that healthcare bill for rescue workers.

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