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Thursday, August 12, 2010

From The Mouth Of Conservative's Past

I like how Mitch McConnell says that this man absolutely has to be wrong because he held his "boss" accountable in a book he wrote. After all, we know that modern conservatives have a serious problem with accountability, even though they continually preach it.

I just love how conservatives are so intent on call Barack Obama "The Most Anti-(insert current-most abstract idea they are pretending to give two rips about) Ever"!!!!!!!

And while Mr. Stockman took the time out of his day to defend his position, I find it more than just a little telling that McConnell's handlers had to bring in a "stand-in" as it is crystal clear that Mitch doesn't have the sand or the skill to bring even a moderately understandable rebuttal. That isn't to say that the plasticine talking-point automaton that took Mitch's place did any better.

One last point I would like to bring up. While Stockman made a very clear point about reforming "entitlement" programs, he never once brought up the buzz-word that conservatives have been all too willing to repeat for the last 10 years - privatize. And this coming from the chief economic architect who worked for the man the modern conservative movement has elevated to a religious icon. Think about that for a bit.

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