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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let The Bulk Buying Begin

With all this time spent on her Twitter-machine, going over what is ghost-written on her Facebook page, and doodling more notes on her palm in order to make some semi-clever point about politics and message, Palin has managed to bring another person into the fold to help her conjour another tome of nonsensical drivel. But there's a different angle to this book.

The former Alaska governor and potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate will release a new book -- "America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag" -- in November.

HarperCollins, Palin's publisher, released a photo of the book cover with Palin, hair down, clad in a gray sweater wearing a sparkly American flag pin and bracelet.

The 224-page book, her second, features selections from people who have inspired Palin's "deep love of country," and its includes excerpts of her favorite songs, speeches and poems.

So, it will be like a conservative mixtape in book form? This ought to be good.

I'm guessing her inspirational excerpt will likely include country/pop lyrics from Toby Keith and speeches by Thomas Jefferson - the later will likely have all formal context removed from it in order to make some vague reference to how America was formed from the very brow of God. And as far as poetry is concerned, I'm fairly certain we aren't going to see anything on par with say Emerson or Langston Hughes. There's no telling what we're going to see in that department.

But the title itself does make one wonder what the parts that she* writes are going to reveal about her that we didn't already know. In terms of family, are we going to be treated to a reflection on what happens when you use your children as theatrical props in order to gain sympathy? And what about faith? Will there be grand revelations about what it's like to hang with a witch doctor or attend one of those seminars where people get "de-gayed"? Then there's the flag - a conservatives favorite tool. Is Sarah going to show us the best way to accessorize with Old Glory that won't violate US Flag Code - even though she's been guilty of that several times.

I'm sure that the book will get plenty of attention from conservative bloggers that are more than willing to hype this as one of the centuries greatest pieces of non-fiction. Not only that, but I can already sense The Heritage Foundation writing out a check to Harper Collins for 2 million copies. Got to pad those numbers, you know.

------ * are we really still supposed to believe that she write all this stuff on her own?

1 comment:

Darius Whiteplume said...

Couldn't we have just burned all those trees down and saved them the embarrassment?

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