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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Christie's Continued Assault On Teachers

In which the Morning Joe crew don't challenge Chris Christie the way they should.

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What Christie is doing is nothing new for conservatives, but I still have to ask - why teachers? Why not look at freezing the salaries of government officials first. After all, nothing says "fiscal responsibility" like making sure that your position in the political landscape isn't damaging the area you are attempting to govern. I think this is the first step that Christie should have taken. After all, conservatives are continually trying to make sure that no member of Congress has a pay increase.

Certainly, everyone should have to sacrifice, but to hear Chris Christie talk down to a teacher and essentially tell her to quit if she doesn't like it, you get the feeling that he isn't so much concerned with the financial well-being of those in his state as he is in maintaining the caricature of a modern conservative.

As an aside, something I found rather odd and somewhat unsettling. It involves education in the state of New Jersey, but a style that Christie might endorse. It doesn't paint a pretty picture of the future of private education in New Jersey.

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