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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Your Modern Tea Bagger Candidates

From Oliver Willis via Cesca, here's the set-up for another exciting question builder - how can Republicans actually claim these people.

I'm beginning what I hope to be a great discussion with the brother of a childhood friend of mine regarding how the Tea Baggers are mutually exclusive from the Republican party. And while that is only now being floated as a solution to potential losses by the GOP in November, let's take a look at precisely why establishment Republicans are beginning to shy away from the Tea Baggers showcased in this clip.

While Christine O'Donnell once took up the charge made by conservatives against Clinton that is akin to the "birther" contention that Obama was born in Africa, her "anti-masturbation" standpoint is really something that I would expect a conservative not to admit. After all, this is the party that is not only riddled with sex-scandals, but has members whom have a penchant for toe-sucking and wearing diapers, so O'Donnell might want to spin as far away from the "masturbation" perspective as she can. After all, it wasn't too long ago that conservative princess Carrie "Opposite Marriage" Prejean had a little "solo-performance" issue to deal with.

In terms of Sharron Angle, I'm just going to have to go back to the basic and honest question that anyone should ask about her - does she really advocate taking up arms against government and does she really have a "privatized" solution for Social Security and Medicare or is this just all the standard conservative line as they really don't have specific solutions?

As far as Rand Paul is concerned, the whole "Aqua Budda" bit is small time when put up against not only his stance regarding accommodating people with disabilities or favoring the idea that private businesses should be able to discriminate against anyone they choose. Not only that, but his hypocrisy on the role of the USDA on down to the fact that he is not a true "board certified" doctor simply doesn't paint a good portrait of the man who is attempting to be a king of the Tea Baggers.

When one takes a look at Joe Miller and realizes that this man is attempting to gain a seat in Congress representing the state that once called Ted Stevens - a man known for bringing home that evil "pork" to Alaska - "Uncle Ted", you get this overbearing sense that only in Bizarro World would someone like Miller have a snowballs chance in Hell of getting elected.

I think the remainder of the video is self-explanatory.

These are the people that modern conservatives are holding up to us and claiming with loud noises that they are the future of America. If these people are the future, I'm wondering when our country will turn into a version of the society in Logan's Run where conservatives start to tell us that if we vote Republican before we are 30 that we get to "renew".

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