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Friday, September 17, 2010

Conservative Gimmicks : Part 6743

In which we see someone that has an angle, but couldn't possibly see the rebuttal.

And while the crew at Hot Air quite predictably fall for the "manly" aspect of this, It should be pointed out that this "manly man" has some conservatives at a rolling boil because he was on "The Real World".

What could possibly come to mind when someone with these credentials decides to run for office....................?

'Nuff said


Anonymous said...

Well played, future self.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog this morning. Well written, well reasoned. I look forward to returning often.

Kevin said...

That Sean Duffy spot (it's real, right?) is idiotic, even without your riposte. He displays himself perched in a ridiculously precarious position where he employs all his skill and strength whacking off an insignificant segment of a standing dead tree trunk. Somebody should tell him that lumberjacks cut down trees starting at the bottom. He's a lumberjack? Don't ax, don't tell.

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