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Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Rush Is Really Doing

While Media Matters highlights Limbaugh's predictable fear mongering in the tag line to the clip, there's something that they miss all together.

For starters, Limbaugh - right off the bat - calls the building of Park 51 a "trumped up story". From the conservative point of view, he's completely right, but he seems to forget that statement one moment later when he started calling it a "recruitment center".

But the oddity of Rush's statements don't end there, as he is claiming that Rev. Terry Jones' intent to burn the Koran on Sept. 11th isn't something we should worry about, as it's "silly" and "not worth the energy", even though conservative websites that continually go to bat for Limbaugh have been covering this quite literally 24/7.

And while Limbaugh claims to be "manipulated" into reporting on this story - you know, how Park51 has no money and how a blatant conservative is going to burn a Muslim holy book in order to prove some kind of point - he dives headlong into the theory that Park51 is going to be a recruiting center for terrorists.

The cognitive dissonance of this man should really be studied by modern neuro-surgeons.

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