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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Wingnut Production

Citizens United has another offering for people that are going to be voting Republican anyway - but it's targeted specifically at women this time.

So are people like Coulter, Malkin, and Cupp insisting that they had been silent all these previous years, that they were shunned and even threatened with violence should they speak out?

A quick aside here: I like how they framed the trailer with the exchange between Michelle Bachman and Timothy Gietner. Clever editing indeed.

And while there is likely an interesting historical relevance to the role women played in politics in the past, one has to ask the question - why would any young girl look at Coulter, Malkin, Cupp, or Bachman and Palin as role models? Granted, they are examples of women reaching levels of power they could only once dream about, but take a look at how they use that power. Simply glance at the actions and statements of just one of them on any given day and a person with even a partially functioning brainstem would say "my daughter is not going to end up like that".

Considering the participants in the film, I can only hypothesize that there is going to be a healthy dose of "if you're not like us girls, then you're a failure to your gender". I'd wager that that's a pretty good guess.

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