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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Context Is Everything

In which we find Michelle Malkin's new blog-partner Doug Powers completely losing the plot on the "Burn The Kuran" story by concern trolling. Too bad he didn't really pay attention to the article that he linked.

From Doug Power's - who apparently can't comprehend what the word "context" means:

Hot off the press from the AP’s Department of Double Standards we find this:

Should the event happen on Saturday, the AP will not distribute images or audio that specifically show Qurans being burned, and will not provide detailed text descriptions of the burning. With the exception of these specific images and descriptions, we expect to cover the Gainesville event, in all media, placing the actions of this group of about 50 people in a clear and balanced context

Last year, the AP didn’t appear to think twice before showing pictures of burned Christian bibles:

Here's what little Dougie didn't bother to do - check out exactly who burned the Bibles. From the AP article:

The US military burned bibles sent to Afghanistan by an American church, reports CNN. Officials feared the bibles, sent last year, would cause problems if they were used in a campaign to convert Muslims to Christianity. The unsolicited bibles were printed in the two most popular Afghani languages. Ironically, Taliban supporters burned bibles in an attack on a Pakistani village just last month.

If the American bibles "did get out, it could be perceived by Afghans that the US government or the US military was trying to convert Muslims," a Defense Department spokesman said yesterday. Officials considered returning the bibles to the church, but were concerned they would only be sent back to Afghanistan. War zone troops are required to burn all trash, according to the Defense Department.

And while the Associated Press clearly wrote up the piece to show that the Bibles were burnt by American troops to prevent people in Afghanistan from thinking they were being forcibly converted to Christianity, the article also clearly shows that it was American soldiers who burned what the Defense Department deemed trash.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one missing the obvious brain stem disconnect that Doug Powers has.


While the caption included with the picture at the bottom of Powers' blog piece shows that the American military admitted to torching the holy Christian text, it is the very idea behind what Powers is proposing, what he is equating, that I and many others find preposterous. Seems that Powers didn't bother to read the caption when he posted it.

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