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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chase To The Rally

In which Chase Whiteside shows what's really going on.

Before I go into this, let's take an inventory:

1 - Al Sharpton runs the Black Panthers who had scheduled a conflict with Beck's supporters

2 - Most Beck fans that were asked had not seen the widely circulated clip of him openly calling Obama a racist nor heard Beck walk back his accusation just days before the rally they all attended.

3 - Barack Obama is responsible for whites and blacks fighting one another

4 - Barack Obama doesn't believe in America so much that he fought long and hard to be her leader

5 - Conservatives still don't know the difference between a Mosque and what is the Muslim equivalent of a YMCA

6 - Ben Franklin uses a cell-phone

And while Chase Whiteside and New Left's piece didn't show any racists, neo-nazis, or completely unglued right-wingers hell-bent on blowing something up, it did show us that people within the conservative movement are more than willing to ignore the truth and believe any fringe meme that is spoon-fed to them by Beck and his ilk.

And while Beck framed this as a "non-political event", it appeared that there were plenty of those interviewed that were there for overtly political reasons. Why do you think that was?

I'm sure you already know the answer.

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