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Monday, September 20, 2010

Music Monday feat. Pink Floyd And The Saucer Full Of Covers

I was sifting through some old vinyl I have the other day and came across Pink Floyd's Ummagumma and Meddle - what I think were two of their greatest efforts ever, even taking Dark Side into consideration.

The tracks that always stood out for me were Echoes and Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.

Here's the later from my favorite Floyd live performance: Live At Pompeii:

The corresponding cover version of that track that I think matches it not only intensity but in vision would have to come from Psychic TV, from the tribute disc released on Cleopatra Records.

Echoes was the track that seemed to typify the epic poetry of Floyd and where music of that period could, did, and should have gone. And again, their Pompeii set reveled their not only their musicianship, but their courage to create an aural landscape that no one else had.

I love that jam sound around 7:59

Pt: II

The cover version of this came from one of the most unlikely places - an obscure goth/punk band called Alien Sex Fiend.


Had to edit this for a rather large and quite obvious mistake that a commenter pointed out. There are still three members of Pink Floyd still with us: Nick Mason, David Gilmore, and Roger Waters. In my original ending paragraph I stated that there were only two surviving members of Floyd, when I actually should have stated that two members of the original line-up have since passed on. I'm actually rather embarrassed that I screwed that up quite royally.


Anonymous said...

PTV covering pink floyd = life changing moment for me...thank you for sharing, i have neglected this tune for far too long...

Anonymous said...

Only 2 surviving members? Did someone else die? I believe Nick Mason is still with us.
And I love Floyd. Going to see the Australian Pink Floyd next Friday night with the wife. If you haven't seen these guys, you're really missing out. To call them a cover band is a disservice. And Roger is coming here in November. Can't hardly wait for that one!

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