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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prudish Puppetry

Again, I'm a little late to this story, but I wanted it to simmer for a bit before I put in my two cents.

Sesame Street has a been a staple of early childhood development since, well, since I was a child. I can recall sitting at home with my grandmother and watching Oscar, Big Bird, and Grover talking to me about letters, numbers, and the difference between near and far.

Did you find the clip inherently offensive? some people did.

Sunny days on Sesame Street?

Katy Perry's appearance on the long-running PBS children's show has been pulled after parents complained about the singer's cleavage-baring dress.

That's right, some people thought that Katy Perry was too "revealing" for the type of program she was on. So I'm guessing that prudish, conservative, Stepford Parents aren't going to be taking their children to the beach on any more vacations. Would it be that breast feeding is out of the question as well for the little ones with parents who have voter registration cards with an "R" checked?

A clip leaked on the web this week (nearly a million people have viewed it on YouTube), showing Perry, 25, in a low-cut dress and veil, performing a kid-friendly version of her hit "Hot N Cold" with Elmo.

It was set to air later this year as part of the show's 41st season.

TMZ reports that parents quickly fired off angry letters, demanding it not to be broadcast. "They're gonna have to rename it cleavage avenue," complained one.

Seriously, I've seen plunging necklines on Barbies that reveal more than what Perry had on.

As a quick epilogue to this, go check out the comments section over at Hot Air and you'll be treated to sentiment that Sesame Street is a liberal, mind-control, program that targets children to do their evil bidding. No, seriously.

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