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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pregame Jitters?

In which Angle claims she will be a "mainstream" Senator, immediately after she claimed she "doesn't know what that means" when asked if she'd be a "Tea Party" Senator.

And while the reporting on Angle's continued positions is - both controversial and downright idiotic - there is one thing that is missing from it all.

Sharon Angle, and all those that identify with her ideology, have somehow become a more extreme and mutated version of those they once decried as "unhinged" or suffering from some "derangement syndrome". This is their new mainstream; a gathering of people that skirt the very limits of sanity. Their new mainstream is openly attempting to rewrite history, to "re-educate" the easily lead masses into a mindset that the government has suddenly turned on it's own people.

But what if Angle is finally becoming aware of the fact that she is so far in that she has to keep up the facade until she gets into office. Then she will all bust disappear from the national conversation after he first few votes are not seen in line with the group that swept her into office. You know, like Scott Brown did.

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