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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fumble And Off-Side Recovery

While Think Progress has an effective write-up of Jan Brewer's debate performance and subsequent "deer in the headlights" moment with the press afterwards, There's something brewing here ( yes, I made a coffee pun ) that I think some may be missing.

First up, her struggle to define exactly what she's accomplished - made all the more hilarious considering the fact that she and her mouth-agape conservative fan base continually sputter on about her accomplishments.

The not-ready-for-prime time Governor is either clearly tickled with the position she is in or is honestly at a loss for how to describe what she and her administration have accomplished.

But wait, the Calvary is assembling.

The initial bugle call comes from none other than Hot Air:

it’s well and truly painful — but endearing too. Reminds me a little of that “singing candidate” from Rhode Island, in fact, minus the nuttiness: As much as you might cringe, we can all relate to the goofy humanity of the moment. Alternate headline: “Jan Brewer to win reelection by 15 points now instead of 20.”

Because we all know that since George W. burst onto the scene as a Presidential candidate that conservatives have always had a soft-spot for bumbling politicos. It came to a rolling boil with Palin and continues to more than simmer now that the midterms approach.

And with that in mind, I get the sense that Brewer may be considering "Pulling A Palin" after what happened just moments from the debates conclusion.

Can we say "over her head"?

That aside, I'm betting on conservative bloggers to cry "reporter plants" once they realize that they can't defend the governor's inability to defend her false claims.

So, are we about to see the next fringe-conservative resign from her elected office in order to heed the call ( skip to 3:20 for the relevant - or irrelevant - quote ) of "real Americans"?

We shall see......


Pope Bandar bin Turtle said...


Y'a know, I'm just going to assume you're really deep & totally intended that double-entendre!

aironlater said...

Not meant at a "double-entendre", but more of a poor play on words, how people interpret them, and how conservatives view the "heroes of the day".

Glad someone actually noticed.

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