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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Run, Rand, Run

Seems that Rand Paul isn't as adept at "pressing the flesh" with his Kentucky brethren as he would like us to believe.

The speaking engagement, apparently billed as a "Tea Party event, was slated to last no less than 2 hours, but Rand bolted after just 12 minutes as he was confronted with questions by Kentucky union members with questions.

Insider Louisville has a write-up on how the even took a rather peculiar change once it was apparent that most of those in attendance were union members:

It seemed to me that the speeches were altered a little due to the overwhelming labor presence. Ford and Seum both touted their “union family backgrounds” during their short presentations.

What began as the “Betrayal of Union Values Tour” ended with a whimper as Paul claimed a prior engagement with family and sped away.

When the room emptied into the parking lot, there were chants of “Run, Rand, Run”, much to the chagrin of the remaining Paul supporters, most of whom were too disgusted or too aloof to realize they were attending a Rand Paul rally at a government center.

The best contradiction of the evening came when Paul commended Sen. Seum for his eons in public service, then only minutes later restated his firm belief that term limits must be imposed upon politicians.

In the video clip, you'll notice that Rand won't answer any questions put forward to him and, at the clips conclusion, you can hear him say "we've had enough". What', enough of people asking you the questions you know you won't have to face when you're getting your ego stroked by Fox"News"?

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