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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Company You Keep And Unintended Irony

This story is being pushed by Fox"News" and their sister site ( you know, the place that doesn't even pretend to be either fair or balanced ) Fox"Nation", but I don't think they are fully thinking this through.

The world’s largest pro-pedophilia advocacy group uses Facebook to connect with its members throughout the world; to find and exchange photos of children; to hone its members' predatory behavior; and to identify, target and reel in child victims, an investigation by reveals.

Facebook says it has a strict policy against the posting of content that supports groups engaged in child exploitation, yet a simple, five-second search on Facebook, conducted on Sept. 23, yielded dozens of pages devoted to the infamous North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Many of those pages featured numerous photos of unnamed boys, some of whom appeared to be too young for kindergarten.

And while I am in full agreement that NAMBLA should have no place on Facebook and certainly no place anywhere, the headline at Fox"Nation" took it one step further:

If You Are on Facebook, Is This a Good Reason to Leave?

So, Palin fanatics, are you going to be calling for Sarah ( excuse me, her ghost-writer Rebecca Manour's Facebook page )to stop using Facebook since your media masters are asking you to do the same?

Exit question: Is this going to be the catalyst that causes Palin to admit that she doesn't write those posts herself?

As for me, I realize that the internet has lots of places where people I don't agree with will post images, video, audio, and text. This isn't stopping me from using the internet, but I do think there needs to be swift action by Facebook to remove all NAMBLA and NAMBLA related material from their service. I'm sure that when and if Palin is ever questioned about this - will she be? - that she would say the same. But it seems just a little ironic that a news organization that, on the one hand, condemns the organizations use of Facebook and the services seemingly unwillingness to remove it also champions Sarah Palin's use of that exact same service.

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