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Friday, September 3, 2010

Who's Really Afraid

Skip ahead to right around the 4:00 mark for Palin's description of how she and other conservatives feel they are treated.

I can't help but hear the average conservative responding to this had Obama said it; that's he's "whining". But the irony of Palin's statements of people being "limp" and "impotent" isn't lost on many of us, considering the fact that she almost refuses to leave the carefully orchestrated confines of Fox"News" unless she's getting paid to make some meandering speech for an exclusively conservative audience.

And isn't it reflective of what the modern conservative movement stands for that Palin would opt to use rhetoric that creates the picture that conservatives are "more of a man than you are". Seriously, the school-yard taunts from Palin and her easily lead followers has just about hit rock bottom.

As an aside, there a part of me that really wants Palin to run for President. Not because I know that Fox"News" will be there holding her hand the whole way, but to see if conservatives really are so blinded by their own ignorance to actually vote for her. It would certainly be a very interesting campaign to watch - seeing which conservatives have the "cojones" to stick with Palin all the way to the voting booth.

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