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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bait And Spit?

The sound quality is pretty poor, and you do see a woman approaching Breitbart - I'm guessing it's him, as the video quality is equally as shoddy - but there's more to this than we see. Take a look.

From the start, let's be up front - it does not not do your cause any good if you spit on someone. Period.

That being said, let's examine exactly what Andrew Breitbart and his overtly eager droogie are doing.

Breitbart is essentially running headlong into this crowd, know precisely the type of person he is and how he operates, and is clearly taunted and ridiculing them in order to provoke a response. He's actively searching for that one person who will step over than line just so he can prove his point - if he even really has one.

But here's where we have to question the "spitting" episode.

Certainly, the woman holding the camera-phone has a much clearer vantage than we do - seeing as how her choice in AV technology is seriously lacking. But she is also more than far enough away to not hear what Breitbart has said to this woman. Not only that, but in the video, you really don't see the act of a woman spitting on another person, you see a woman in orange dress lean towards Breitbart and then the shouts of "I have that on camera".

Am I saying she didn't do it? No. I'm just stating that we are lacking relevant context.

Would you become so enraged with a person if they stepped over that one edge with you that the only thing you could think to do is exude this visceral response of spitting? I'm sure we all have that breaking point. Do we know what Breitbart said to her? Absolutely not.

As for the situation, there's enough "evidence" to rule that this woman was more than likely out of line. But then again, we are assuming a great deal considering how Breitbart was acting towards the crowd earlier in the tape, as well as their clear intent on being there.

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