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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Grammar Choices

And the typical conservative response continued on Hannity last night.

And while Obama obviously didn't use the phrases "sorry we fucked this one up", or "better luck next time guys", Hannity and the two "pretty girls" from the Fox"News" prop closet had to point out that the word "victorious" wasn't used, one has to ask the question - what do conservatives consider to be a victory?

Think about it; they have all sorts of ways to define a loss, a failure, a disaster, or even a pointless and futile exercise - but not once will you hear them define what a victory is. But we do get the sense that Hannity thinks what is going on now is a "victory" for America and Iraq.

So continued violence, suicide bombings, unease and displeasure with what America has done to their country by many Iraqis, a literally fractured government, waste of billions of American taxpayer dollars, and the loss of thousands of American lives is a victory?

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