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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Extention Of Terrorism

Interesting to hear and see "Father" Jonathan Morris weigh in on this, as his usual appearances on Fox"News" are filled with pseudo-religious fluff that offer nothing of substance.

But then Bill Hemmer crosses over from "anchor" to "opinion host" with his "what if..." line.

It's the standard piece of fear-mongering that we have come to expect from the modern conservative movement and their media masters at Fox"News" - "what if this happens?!?!?!?!?!?"

Might as well be saying that Wal-Greens and Rite-Aid are enabling crystal meth cooks by having components of the dangerous drug readily available for just about anyone to purchase. Or how about the fact that you can purchase a gun at Wal-Mart so we have to be worried that someone might by one there and kill a child.

It's this type of fear tactic that is precisely what terrorists want us to use against our own people, and exactly why acts of terror work against an intended target - get the mark to become afraid of those within their own country or those that don't look like them and they will slowly begin to destroy themselves.

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