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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Politics Today

I'm a bit drained from talking about the all too common machinations of conservatives and the equally predictable stand-points of far too many Democrats today - most notably on the heals of the DADT/Dream Act bill that was filibustered by Republicans today.

So it's all non politics tonight here.............


Troy Camplin said...

My friend, I wish you understood the irony of your statement, "the equally predictable stand-points of far too many Democrats today". :-)

aironlater said...

Why would you find that in any way ironic? There are plenty of Democrats that are more than willing to roll over into a fetal position anytime someone like Chris Christie or Michelle Bachman start to throw even a minor hissy-fit about whatever trumped-up story about Obama's agenda is controlling the news cycle at the moment. Yes, there are Democrats that are predictable in their actions and I have no use for them.

Troy Camplin said...

Because everything I have read here is as predictable as December in Alaska being cold. I can find these observations on a thousand other liberal blogger sites. I can find the conservative equivalent on another thousand sites, making the same claims about the opposition. They are equally predictable, saying the same things as the others are all saying. That is what I was referring to in saying that it was ironic that you were condemning Democrats for having predictable standpoints.

I only say this, because the kinds of things I'm seeing here don't do anything positive, and I know you are better than that. I see a lot of rumormongering and innuendo. One can do the same thing with the Democrats -- it is equally unproductive. What is being pushed here is a point of view that "they" are evil and must be destroyed at all cost. Why are they evil? Because they disagree with my side! That's nonsense. We need to be able to discuss ideas without villifying the other side. Too many blogs just villify. What do you believe? Honestly, I have no idea. I couldn't possibly tell from your blog. I assume you're a liberal Democrat from who your enemies are, but that's all I know.

If you want to read an unpredictable blog, come read mine. Consider especially my piece on ideology.

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