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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hype And Hysteria

In which we see Beck and his "I'm so happy to be here Mr. Beck can I wash your undercarriage" side-kick drone on like a bad comedy duo about something that Palin and Beck are going to be doing on - wait for it...................Sept. 11th.

And we are to believe that this is the same man that said "oh, it's just a coincidence that my rally at DC is on the anniversary of the famous speech by Martin Luther King Jr. at the same location"?

Also, this from the man who is one of the figure-heads of the movement that proclaims with shrieking tones that no one should co-opt Sept. 11th 2001.

And while there is the theory pushed ( and then immediately denounced within the same piece ) by prominent conservative blog Hot Air that this will finally be the day that Palin will tell the world the horrific news that she is going to run for President, I find it quite odd that they would even postulate this.

Sure, the back-peddle within the same piece says precisely what most sane people would also say - that a conservative co-opting Sept. 11th to make an announcement like this would be even greater than what Glenn Beck just did last weekend; or even equal to the press release that Park 51 was going to be built in Manhattan. There are certainly more comparisons, but are we really to believe that conservatives would become enraged even if the "Mother Teresa" of their movement decided she wanted to build her own personal bathroom on the epicenter where Towers 1 and 2 fell?

But is this nothing more than Part II of the Beck/Palin "Let's Use The Anniversary Of Something Important To Make A Rambling Speech About Something That Will Do Nothing But Boost Our Q-Score" Tour? If so, I'm guessing the next date will be in Hawaii on December 7th, only the two will be a few miles away from the USS Arizona - but only if Jan Brewer declines to show up.

What is this all about really? The rallies, the hype, the hysteria, the constant media attacks that don't seems to make much sense the further we get away from Jan. 20th 2009. Are people like Beck and Palin so enamoured with image, fear, and a distorted view of history that they have completely lost the plot?

The answer, I'm guessing, is yes.

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