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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Advertising Overkill?

The full ads not in this clip, but a relevant issue is that I think showcases a clear disconnect conservative Republicans have with reality.

Naturally, Alan Grayson is not one to tip-toe around an issue - he's rather "in your face" on most days. In that regard, conservatives have done their level best to portray him as an unhinged maniac due to how he presents his arguments. Rarely do we see his standpoints derided because of substance, as style rules the day in conservative circles. But let's be clear, this is only a one-way street when talking about seemingly over-the-top rhetoric.

And with that in mind, I have to wonder if comparing this man to a member of the Taliban is going to help Grayson's side of the issue or if it's just going to provide more fire-power to all those that oppose him. And while political ads are designed to provoke a visceral response in many regards, there's still a fine line that one has to ride when creating and approving them.

Are we to believe that Dan Webster is just like the Taliban? Most certainly not, but there is somewhat of a connection - I believe, at least - that the modern conservative movement has with those that we are fighting in the Middle East. They desire to control that actions of women.

Of course, I'm not expecting someone like Webster to stone a woman to death in the public square because she slept with a man before she was married, but I will expect him to behave just like he did when confronted by the reporter - completely avoid discussing the issue while standing steadfast against the needs, and I would say rights, of a woman.

But when one takes but a passing glance at what the Tea Baggers are doing to promote their message, this sort of political ad almost pales in comparison. Not to say that one excuses the other, but the line has most certainly been crossed since Jan. 21st 2009.

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