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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Expressionism And The Modern Conservative Movement

When art doesn't imitate life, you end up with something like this.

All the basic elements are there: scary music, a modern conservative pretending to know what former presidents and Founding Fathers would have to say to Obama, the Constitution, and narration that completely ignores the reality of the previous administration. But just for effect, let's frame this as an artist struggling with the grand desire to speak out against government with his craft but is hesitant for fear of retribution from those he disagrees with. Yeah, the melodrama is about as thick as county fair blackberry preserves.

But this part troubles me somewhat - the flag at half-staff on the White House. Doesn't that contradict the entire premise of this clip? After all, the symbolic nature of flying the flag at half staff is to show that this day marks a time of struggle and sorrow for the country. So, if the artist is saying that government - Barack Obama in particular - doesn't see their administration as being unconstitutional, tyrannical, or having taken away the liberties, rights, and freedoms from people, why would the flag on the White House be at half-staff?

You would think that with all this talk about knowing what is and what isn't Constitutional, what is equivalent to tyranny, and what is anti-American, that this painter would get even the tiniest detail like that right.

The reality of this painting is that it represents a lack of knowledge of things like The Constitution, the history of American Presidents, and how we got into this situation. I'm not even going to go into the fact that there would certainly be a few of the men in the painting wondering why Obama wasn't out harvesting their crops and pretending to be the President, but you know that Tea Baggers will never admit that some of the Founders owned slaves - you know, that whole "history" thing can be a pain sometimes.

I'm reminded of a similar video that Bob Cesca commented on yesterday.

First, there's no chance in hell the people who made this video actually voted for the "Democrat" president and the "Democrat" Congress.

Plus, TARP was passed by the previous administration.

The stimulus, which was actually $787 billion and not $1.2 trillion, created 3.3 million new jobs and averted a deeper recession.

That bar graph at 2:14 showing the year-by-year deficits ending with the large deficit of 2009? George W. Bush signed the 2009 budget, not President Obama.

And are the Republicans suggesting here that they're not going to negotiate deals with senators in exchange for votes -- a common practice in Congress since the day it first convened? That's rich.

It's the collective ignorance dressed up like intelligence and historical accuracy ( even recent history mind you ) that is the hallmark of the Tea Bagger collective. Then again, these are the same people that want to do away with the Dept. Of Education, defund educational programs across America, and all too often favor education from a religious perspective.

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