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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Poor Man's Ann Coulter

When conservatives talk about race, it's generally predicated on something that could potentially happen to white people when someone that isn't white acts a certain way or excels in life to a specified degree.

Those within the fringe elements of the conservative movement, such as Michelle Malkin, have nothing but complete contempt for non-caucasions. What sets Malkin aside is the very real fact that she is a minority and will exploit that very fact when the opportunity presents itself. That's what makes this statement from her a little hypocritical.

I'm reminded of a post that I did some time ago where Malkin and Joe Hicks were discussing race and the GOP. Both agreed that the GOP didn't need minorities, which came off as more than a shade odd, as Joe Hicks is black and Malkin is Phillipino.

I would have to press Malkin far more than Matt Lauer did in this interview, as the Gates dust-up had little to do with race from Obama's perspective as it did the very real fact that the arresting office ( having determined that Gates was in his own home ) decided to take matters further simply because he was proven wrong. The race issue was manipulated by people like Michelle Malkin. But, to their advantage, both Gates and Obama are black.

It would seem that, since Barack Obama is who he is, regardless of the context of any given statement on any day, his words have to be tilted because of his race. This is how Malkin views the world, through a prism of stereotypes. To her, every hispanic is an illegal immigrant, every Arab is a terrorist, and every black man got to where they are by Affirmative Action. The catch is, if you are any of these AND a Republican ( which I will never be able to understand ) then you're alright in her book.

Much in the same way that Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist, Malkin means the same thing - she'll just attempt to dress her rhetoric up with as many polysyllabic descriptors as possible.

In the end, Malkin's books are teaming with racial opportunistic language. That makes her statement to Lauer all the more predictably hypocritical.

1 comment:

Professor Chaos said...

Michelle Malkin is probably the most pathetic of all the FOX news cute-for-a-news-person women.

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