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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When You Get Schooled By Tom Arnold.....

....then you should know one thing - not all "hollywood types" are as ill-informed or as predictable as they may seems.

Arnold's manner of speaking when performing, his act, is simply that - an act. It appears that Sean Hannity has fallen into the trap of thinking that just because an actor is one way on screen then that must mean this is the way they are in real life.

I'm trying to find this whole segment on YouTube right now. I'm sure the panel and Hannity do quite a bit of squriming that we aren't seeing here.

Nicholl e Belle has a take on this at C&L:

00:58 – Blakeman says: We got Medicare and we got Medicaid, what did we get for it? We got abuse, fraud, and mismanagement.
01:11 Arnold replies: You don’t think the private sector has fraud and abuse (like the government)?

01:15 Blakeman replies: But not to the scale of government.

This whole exchange is laughable. The fact that Blakeman is even trying to claim that the private sector, which is strictly in business for profit, is not as corrupt as the government, is idiotic at best.

01:21 Blakeman asks: What’s your recourse if government provides you with substandard health care? What are you going to do, sue the government?

I would like to know what Mr. Blakeman thinks his recourse would be if he received substandard care from a private insurance company?

As for recourse if you are receiving substandard care from a public health plan, yes of course you can sue the government. Why would an American not be able to sue the government? It happens all the time.

But even before that, an American has a litany of contacts at their disposal in the form of public, elected officials that would act as the patient’s advocate, and they do it for free, and they would do it well because their job depends on making their constituents happy, and keeping their voters alive.

Blakeman has no idea what he is talking about.

From my own perspective on healthcare, it's costs, and what companies are doing to those that use their services, I heard something interesting today. A man that I work with took his wife to see a doctor that is directly across the street - they've been going there for quite some time and have suddenly their insurance has been denied. Not only is the doctor's office not accepting their insurance, but the proceedure and tests that the man's wife had done recently would not be paid for, even though they appeared on their statement and had paid the initial co-pay.

Now, this man is trying to drop his coverage but the provider, and our employer, aren't letting him.

How's that for the best healthcare in the world?

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