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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ensuring That The GOP Maintains Rural, Southern, "Traditions"

Some time ago, a former co-worker was venting his frustration at the very real fact that it looked like Barack Obama was going to win the Presidency. The man with whom he was speaking agreed with every statement made and the way in which the conversation was framed. It was casual, but quite serious, and appeared to be quite the common topic of discussion. What made this conversation stand out was the unblushing use of the most racist language imaginable.

Watching former GOP Congressman Tom Davis of Virginia on Hardball, I realized that what he was postulating of the GOP, in regards to the direction in which they are currently moving, is all too true.

In the South, more than any other region in the US, there is a "tradition" of racism. And in the more rural areas of the southern states, that racism can and has manifested itself into some of the most grizzly forms you can imagine. And, to that, there should be pointed out that there are levels of racist behavior and speech. While all are equally pathetic and have no place in this country, some ( if not many ) aspects of racism are not only being condoned but they are actually being encouraged.

Within the conservative movement, the racial divisiveness has grown at an alarming and exponential rate since January. It is, by all accounts, a mainstream form of socio-political discourse that is being embraced by massive segments of the Republican voting block.

Racheal Maddow takes on this in a segment from her MSNBC program last night.

That conversation, that I ultimately had to get involved in after I could no longer listen to the word nigger again, listen to two men talk about how Martin Luther King Jr. was a terrorist, that interracial couples should be imprisoned, has moved from the corners of rural Kentucky workplaces and spread to the airwaves broadcasting conservative talk-radio and the 24 hour news cycles on television.

But make no mistake about it, this is not making the GOP or the conservative movement look any better. But, as long as there are people receptive to the message of racism, they will continue to have a platform.

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