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Friday, July 10, 2009

Biblical Bloviations

I always find it rather perculiar when O'Reilly speaks of religion and the power of America. But, he's a voice of the far right, conservative movement, and he's got to play by the rules you know.

Bill's nonsensical assertion that America is somehow better than everyone else because people embrace a thousands year old text as fact aside, I'm wondering why the fained outrage over the flyover that isn't going to happen in Idaho.

Isn't O'Reilly supposed to be part of a movement that is suddenly concerned with spending? How much do to flyovers with military aircraft cost the taxpayers? How much does the government spend everytime it has fighter jets go screaming across the sky? Sure, it's kind of cool to some, but think of the cost.

But back to the religion portion of O'Reilly's "talking-points", no matter what he may think, America was not founded as a Christian nation. Certainly there are mention of God in various texts written by some of the nations greatest leaders, but this is not the smoking gun that proves that Jesus had a hand in writing the Declaration of Independance. While conservatives like O'Reilly will point to these mentions of religion by the "Founding Fathers", it is those same men that stated that there was to be a seperation of chruch and state.

America had to deal with a theocratic President for 8 years and all the praying and pew sitting that Bush did got us nowhere.

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