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Friday, July 17, 2009

Advantage - Racheal

As I watched this last night, I was literally standing and cheering Racheal Maddow on.

From the jump, Buchanan frames his side of the debate around the fact that Sotomayor isn't qualified or is somehow less qualified because she hasn't written anything that he has read. Granted, her publications are limited, but simply because she hasn't made the NY Times Best Sellers List is a bit of a flimsy stance to take.

But then the other shoe drops and Buchanan calls her an Affirmative Action hire. The patently ignorant and racist side of Pat Buchanan seeps onto the screen from there.

I don't believe I have ever heard anyone state that because white men wrote the Constitution and The Declaration Of Independance that that is the reason that only white men should be appointed to the Supreme Court. And, if one follows Buchanan's logic all the way down, it means that only white mean should be allowed any high level job in government - and more than likely the private sector as well.

And to claim that not enough black men died during wartime to warrant their entire race from accending to any position of power - whether in government or the private sector - is one of the most disturbing and shameful things to even consider.

And to add to Maddow's explicitly valid point that Sotomayor has more judicial experience coming into her nomination, it should be stated that her experience is also unique, as she has heard cases involving 21 century technology that no other Supreme Court Justice ever has. In taking this into account, Sotomayor is truly more qualified than Pat Buchanan could possibly imagine.

It is people like Pat Buchanan, who are so overtly eager to play the victim any and everytime a person of differing ethnicity moves upward in this country, that are attempting to drag America back into an era where discrimination based on race, creed, color, and even religious affiliation was acceptable.

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