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Friday, July 24, 2009

Nutcase Has Stroke On Live TV

As I watched this last night, I was starting to wonder if Liddy was going to pass out.

What's all the more interesting is that Liddy, as well as all the crazies that go along with this spectacularly pointless conspiracy, will believe what he wants to believe regardless of the facts that are presented to him.

BlueGal has a new video that echoes some of my own thoughts on this non-issue-issue

The only reason that I think that this debate should continue, is that it shows an increasingly larger number of fringe conservative crazies are beginning to show up. They're not so much a minority in the party any longer. And, if not for anything else, this is going to be a defining segment of the GOP from now on.

1 comment:

Troy Camplin said...

The crazies are only on T.V. They are there because they make for sensational news. The news is nothing more than entertainment anymore. If you look at the Republicans in office, they are almost all interventionists and Keyneseans -- socialist light. Bush was a prime example of that. He never supported free market economics, he created all sorts of social programs, developed a plan to make reliigous groups dependent upon the government, and gave us Bailout I and bank nationalization before Obama came long with Bailout II and bank and auto company nationalization. If Bush had had a D after his name, there isn't a thing the Democrats would have opposed him on. The same is likely true if Obama, doing all he is doing, had a R after his name. If you think there is any real difference between the two of them, you are fooling yourself, and you have bought into the rhetoric of the demagogues on both sides.

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