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Friday, July 10, 2009

Of Still Photos And Video

There are thousands of examples of right-wing conservatives using screen-grabs of video in order to use them of proof of some wrong-doing by Democrats.

This latest example is easily debunked, but it's just too juicy for some people to ignore.

And who did the debunking? Greta Can Susteren. No, really.

Manufactured stories are nothing new to conservatives. And when there is proported photographic evidence of some misdeed perpetrated by a Democrat, they are start salivating and dry humping bed posts.

This is nothing new, as photographic memes have been around since before the internet. I could, at the veritable drop of a hat, take a screen-grab of a video of someone leaping off a building and it will look like they are flying. Can people fly? Not at all. Was Barack Obama checking out a 17-year-old girl? No. And pretending that people can fly or that Obama has an affinity for jail-bait doesn't make either one true.

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