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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How You Got To Be A Senator Is Totally Amazing

Never been a big fan of Woody Allen, but a scene from Annie Hall has more relevance now than some might first understand.

But first, some background.

This is Jeff Sessions ( R - AL )

His history of communicating his comlpete and utter disdain for people that aren't white is well documented - and the cause of his confirmation as a Justice by Ronald Reagan fell flat. Also, since the start of Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings, Sessions is reaffirming that very fact each time he opens his mouth. But yesterday, he might have shoved his expensive loafers a little too far sideways into his drolling pie hole:

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), seeking to discredit Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s judicial philosophy, cited her 2001 “wise Latina” speech, and contrasted the view that ethnicity and sex influence judging with that of Judge Miriam Cedarbaum, who “believes that judges must transcend their personal sympathies and prejudices.”

“So I would just say to you, I believe in Judge Cedarbaum’s formulation,” Sessions told Sotomayor

“My friend Judge Cedarbaum is here,” Sotomayor riposted, to Sessions’ apparent surprise. “We are good friends, and I believe that we both approach judging in the same way, which is looking at the facts of each individual case and applying the law to those facts.”

But even though Cedarbaum agreed with Sessions statements on how the application of law is delivered by a Justice, there was this caveate to his claim - Cederbaum is backing Sotomayor.

I don't believe for a minute that there are any differences in our approach to judging, and her personal predilections have no affect on her approach to judging

Which brings us to this classic scene from Annie Hall.

As often as life imitates art, it will never cease to amaze that people like Sessions are still holding onto power in Washington. This is the guy that said there HAD to be an up or down vote on Alito. Double-standard anyone? One would think that the leaps and bounds our society has made foward that people like him wouldn't be a Seator anymore.

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