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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Final Judgement Of Political Expediency

It is not suprising to any that have seen Lt. Col. Ralph Peters in action on conservative media that he would openly advocate against the military and/or individual personel should the opportunity present itself.

That is exactly what he has just done.

Considering Peter's former position in military intel, I find his statements here on Fox"News" beyond troubling. Although they are quite predictable - given his particularly canted, ideological, perspective - but the very real fact that with one breath Peter's asks for restraint in commenting on the captured Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl and then opening advocates for the Taliban to kill him.

The "AWOL" meme is already being picked up by right wing blogger Michelle Malkin. Her initial reaction is typical of her style, playing both sides in order to formulate her position should the outcome vary from what she initially thinks.

Regardless of how Malkin is soft-peddling the issue, the very real fact that people like her and Peters use the military as covering fire for themselves and their abject hatred of anyone of liberal or progressive mindset is beyond reproach.

The questions that they are not asking are something else that is troubling.

If Pfc. Bergdahl is a deserter, what caused him to do it?

Since when are are they dismissive of statements and confessions made under duress? It is the very same people like Malkin and Peters that were willing to accept statements made by enemy combatants held at Guantanamo under torturous condition.

Why is Peters completely ignoring his own warning in order to create the aura that he knows what he's talking about?

It should be noted that John McCain, while being held captive in Vietnam, made statements that appeared on Vietnamese television. According to Peters' standpoint, should McCain have been scrutinized in the same way? Granted, his capture was different, but claiming that statements made under duress do not count seems quite contradictory to the standpoint of what it means to be a war hungry ideologue.

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