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Friday, July 10, 2009

But Can It Cure Your Idiocy?

Conservatives love to claim that "capitalism" is the cure all for Americans. No matter what problem you may be facing - be it banks giving blaphemous bonuses to execs or your IRA looking as sickly as the neighborhood dog after a binder on that anti-freeze puddle in your driveway - capitalism and "free-markets" will make it all better.

When you put affordability of health coverage to a right-wing "capitalist", you'll never hear stats on Americans and their coverage ( save the occassional mention that around 68% of those that have coverage are happy with what they have - completely disregarding the fact that this doesn't address those that can't but need it ) and you'll hear an endless ream of horror stories from places like Canada. These arguments are predicated on the notion that since other countries aren't so great at it then that means that America should just give up on any sort of healthcare reform.

It seems that no matter the subject, conservatives are more than willing to quit before their is even something that could be mildly considered a starting point.

But let's get back to these alleged horror stories from Canada. Are patients really having it as bad as conservatives are pretending they are? Dennis Kucinich tried to get some answers from one of Milton Friedman's favorite doctors and the results were not pretty for the doctor.

Here's Logan Murphy from Crooks & Liars:

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich absolutely tore it up today on Capitol Hill. In this video he is questioning Dr. David Gratzer of the Manhattan Institute. One need only read the title of Gratzer's new book, "The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Healthcare" (complete with forward written by Milton Friedman) to know what side of the debate he was on.

Gratzer was there to spew lies and right wing talking points about the Canadian health care system, but Kucinich wasn't having any of it. As always, my hat goes off to Dennis!

Another in a long line of typical conservatives that act as if they are being oppressed or are the victims of unchecked liberal agression. The fact of the matter is, as was readily apparent from the video, that "doctor" Gratzer had no clue what was going on in his own country in regards to health insurance. I'm starting to wonder what sort of "doctor" Mr. Gratzer is.

You can view the glittering praise lauded upon him from the Manhattan Institute or read his Wikipedia page. Apparently he's a "doctor" that loves to misuse statistics.

On CSPAN's site, they have the full video of the hearings ( almost 2 hours ).

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