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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lost In Transmutation

Recently I wondered what it would be like to diagram a Sarah Palin sentence. Well, while sifting through some of my favorite spots on the interwebds, I came across at piece at Political Carnival that wasn't quite what I wanted - it was so much more.

Here's some edited copy from Sarah Palin's intial exti-interview earlier this month.

I thought this part was especially noteworthy:

They had to insert the word "God". Yes, God apparently slipped her mind. Oh, and she got her presidents mixed up. I guess attending all those universities didn't pay off.

Ther veritable word-salad that is offered up daily, in super-sized portions, from Sarah Palin is always something to treasure. I can't wait for these "non-politically correct tweets" that she's been teasing about lately.

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