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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Did Someone Say Ratings?

One can almost smell O'Reilly's Pavlovian response to hot-button issues. If he thinks that it will get more people to watch him, and facts be damned, he will exploit, spin, and offer up his own particular style of "reporting" in order to keep something alive for as long as he can. The dead horse meme almost doesn't apply to O'Reilly, since his ability to keep something going has reached new and obsured lows.

You can always tell when Bill doesn't want any opposition on an issue by the guests that he has on to discuss whatever topic he's latched onto at the time. When it's Hillary Clinton, he has on Dick Morris. And, when it's anything media related, he has on Bernard Goldberg to offer up some verbal ego massaging.

So when it came time to discuss the "birther" nonsense, Goldberg was back to offer his own brand of idiotic analysis.

So if Dobb's is peddling such ratings poison with this manufactured controversy, then why does it look like O'Reilly is going to have Dobbs on his program?

After slamming the birthers story during Monday's show (though defending Dobbs' right to free speech), O'Reilly wants Dobbs to join him on the O'Reilly Factor. Last night, after a segment answering viewers' questions on birthers, O'Reilly added: "By the way I think we're going to have Lou Dobbs on this program tomorrow. That should be interesting."

I hardly believe that O'Reilly is merely championing Dobbs' right to free speech, as this is shaping up to be a conservative firestorm of an issue and O'Reilly, with complete disregard to the fact that his own network is perpetuating this myth as gospel-truth, thinks he has something to gain from jumping into the fray.

And to add another element to this equation, if one is to believe O'Reilly and Goldberg's preposterous theory that the "birther" story is somehow being maintained by the Obama administration, then why is O'Reilly willing to continue talking about it?

Even if the later were true, that elements within the Obama White House were keeping this story going in order to further damage the conservative movement, do you really think that's going to stop O'Reilly from talking about it if it will make his numbers look better?

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