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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weighted Against Her Position

You can often find the people at Fox"News" creating issues out of whole cloth. They love to pick people apart, find nuances that aren't even there, and generally take up a contradictory position to any and all things that don't bare the mark of the status quo conservative Republican.

Neil Cavuto is a master of the question that has no relevance to the situation. John Stewart has pointed out Cavuto's use of the question mark as the Cavuto Mark - is your mother a whore? Have you stopped beating your wife? You get the picture.

Now it seems that Cavuto is ready to take a stance against Obama's choice of Surgeon General. Not because she is less qualified than others. Not because she's a woman - well, maybe a little because of that. But it's because she's "fat". No, really.

Micheal Karolchyk appears to fit that stereotype of douche-master, weight trainer who take suppliments and drinks protien shakes three times a day. You've seen the type - guy that spends all his time in the gym talking about his 1% body fat, snapping wet towels on his friends bare asses in the locker room.

But more to the point, it appears that Cavuto set up a piece that he knew would get people talking and then realized that his guest was that oafish prick that has taken so many energy drinks that his dick has shriveled into a flacid string. Why else would he speak ill of a woman in power?

TPM has more.

Perhaps Karolchyk doesn't realize that a "lazy" person isn't exactly one that excells in the medical field, much less one that is going to be our new Surgeon General. I would think it's safe to say that this woman isn't running 10 miles every morning in favor of doing her job making sure that her patients are healthy.

So, is this the new vetting segment for conservatives? Your weight is directly related to how you can do your job? I'll have to look into how Reagan's SG was on the body mass index.

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Anonymous said...

i have got to get that tee shirt! i hope it comes in a 3X....

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