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Monday, July 27, 2009

Disconnected With Her Own Movement

Never again will it suprise me to see (m)Ann Coulter attempting to marginalize and minimize the very real aspects of racism and nativism within her own party.

And, as a point of referece here, Media Matters really dropped the ball when titling this particular video. It reads "On Geraldo, Coulter proclaims Dobbs "wrong on this issue" of Obama's birth". The problem with the title is that it is very misleading. Once you watch the video, you realize that Coulter is saying the Dobbs is wrong simply because she is trying to claim that there is no racism or nativism within the conservative movement. As the foundation of her thesis, she says that this is the same as the "three people" that are still in the KKK. Really? Perhaps she should visit Western Kentucky to see exactly how out of touch she is with Republican voters around here.

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