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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Face Of Indoctrination

Whenever I hear a child this age speaking about "freedoms" and what this country is loosing, I often times feel rather sorry for them. One can but wonder what their home life is like.

Are they homeschooled? After all, the ultra-conservative - and blisteringly religious - set tend to favor homeschooling over public ( and sometimes even private ) institutions of learning.

And to that effect, what has this girl been taught of American history?

It's far too easy to speak in glittering generalities of what has and what hasn't happened in and to America - what has been done in the name of this country, for either good or ill. Actually, there is no "ill" done in America's name when conservatives speak.

In the end, this girl is being used as a tool, a gimmick, by her parents. I honestly feel sorry for her.

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