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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Railing Against A Multicultural America

I have been watching a recent webisode of PJTV - it's one of those moderately done conservative web television shows where far-right conservatives can talk to each other and not have to face reality - where Joe Hicks was interviewing the "purse-lipped-one" Michelle Malkin.

What made this particular webisode stand out - to me at least - was that it was dealing with the notion that the GOP shouldn't have to reach out to minorities - which Malkin as links to "the non-traditional-constitancies in America". Or, as Malkin likes to call it, "pandering".

Once the two got the verbal ego massaging complete - and claming that since they know they can use the internet as a communication tool that THAT must mean they have "the pulse of grass roots actvists" - it became quite clear that neither of them thought the GOP had any problems with minorities. It was almost if they were saying that they simply aren't needed and won't be discussed, talked to, understood, or even identified as such.

The discussion of minorities and the GOP got started in reference to a statement made by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, when he stated that the Republican party ought to take care to include them, to ensure that their needs and desires not be ignored.

Each of them laughingly passed off Bush's comments and Hicks even drew a comparison to Donna Brazile's comments during her time on the Al Gore campaign when she stated that the Republican party was becoming the party of "old, white, men".

This left both Hicks and Malkin wide open to talk about their own ethnicity, their own individuality - something that stuck out as quite odd, considering what they are postulating.

It's a rather interesting look inside the muddled mind of the "ethnic-conservative" who says wth one breath that they souldn't be judged by their heritage, and then will drone on about that heritage and how it is important, all within the confines of their thesis that the GOP doesn't need to be diverse.

The piece even features talk about Micheal Steeles bid to be President of the RNCC with a video of him race-baiting the oposition.

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