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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Liberal Bias Of Reality

There are a few certainties in life that we can take comfort in or be justifiably afraid of.

Death. Taxes. Getting your heart broken by the special boy or girl. The media being in the tank for anyone Bill O'Reilly doesn't like.

The ease with which O'Reilly and Rove peddle ignorance and shear idiocy as fact has ceased to be amazing.

They don't seem to realize that an economic collapse doesn't recognize party affiliation. They both seem to be operating under the misguided assumption that simply by pandering to the lunatic-fringe within their party is somehow going to revitalize them, is going to bring validity back to the Republican party.

It is, in point of fact, people like O'Reilly and Rove that have damaged - and will continue to, so long as they have grocery money to take home at the end of the week - the Republican to such an extent that all they are able to do is flail about and cry out for any amount of attention they can get.

In their minds, the simple reportage of what the economy is doing is tantamount to anti-Americanism on a mass scale. However, these are men that make their living off of distributing propoganda.

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