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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Price Is What Gets You

Here's something cool.

Imagine taking the car you drive now, and never having to stop at a gas station ever again. AC Propulsion, has been converting gas-fueled cars to electric for the last few years. This is a piece profiling AC Propulsion's car, the Ebox, with a special interview with Tom Hanks, who owns one of these cars. Is this the way of the future?

You see, here's a fantastic idea that appears to fairly easy to do - though time consuming.

So, where is the validation of having a ticket price on this conversion at almost 60 grand. That's almost as much as I paid for my house.

Certainly, the fact that this shop is probably the only game in town - right now - has a lot to do with that. So, why not expand? Why not have shops on the East and West coasts? And, why stop there.

There is a fantastic demand in this country for cars that are not reliant on gasoline. It's a shame that these cars are only affordable to people like Tom Hanks.

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