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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And I Thought The AP Was A Valid News Source

Talk about a non-story.

As Secretary of State-pick Hillary Rodham Clinton and U.N. envoy-choice Susan Rice separately visited the diplomatic agency's headquarters in Washington's Foggy Bottom neighborhood, persons familiar with the transition said that Rice wants to install her own transition team inside the department.

Such a move by an incoming U.N. ambassador is rare, if not unprecedented, because the job is based at the United Nations in New York, where Rice already has a small transition staff, the sources familiar with the incoming administration.

The push by Rice, an early Obama supporter whose position the President-elect wants to elevate to a cabinet post, is also a signal that she intends to use her influence with the new president to play a more significant role than previous U.N. envoys, they said. The transition sources spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Officials with Clinton's transition team declined to comment on the matter, and aides to Rice could not immediately be reached. State Department officials declined to comment on issues related to the transition.

It was not clear if Clinton and Rice _ who had strained relations during the Democratic primaries because of Rice's steadfast backing of Obama _ saw each other at the State Department as Clinton left the building shortly after Rice arrived.

An AP writer contributing to the Huffington Post titled this piece "Cracks Appear In Obama Foreign Policy Team". Of course, with such vauge and unsubstantiated statements like "It was not clear if Clinton and Rice saw each other..." this reads more like a story of two rival "pretty girls" at the local high school that have 3rd period class across the hall from one another.

I hate to get off on a "blame the media" tangent - I fear I would end up sounding exactly like those people that I simply can't stand. But, I'm not sure how exactly to approach this.

It is almost a certainty that some news outlet, regardless of how their credibility has risen or fallen over the years, is going to jump the gun and end up making much more of a story out of something that amounts to little more than gossip.

This is a classic case of such.

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