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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And If You Try Hard Enough.....

The six-degrees-of-seperation game isn't just a game to those at Fox"News". Often, it is a debate tool and most certainly one that is used to connect any and everyone to some "scandal" merely out of ideological expedience.

Case-in-point is the obvious glee in Sean Hannity's voice as he tries to link Obama and Rob Blagojevich. His latest attempt in casting Obama in the role of villan took an interesting turn, as his guests - ones that he was sure would be the "yes" men that he requires each night - didn't really buy into the notion

President-Elect Obama could give Sean Hannity the cure for cancer and he would complain that it wasn't cherry-flavoured.

In all, this is a trumped-up notion that only serves as a new talking-piont within the lunatice fringe.

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