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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Party Of "Against"

Ever since I started paying attention to politics - which I should have been doing since I was of the age to vote - I've notice more and more that Republicans ( primarily the hardline conservatives within their ranks ) are more apt to be "against" everything rather than be "for" something.

The latest example of this is Michelle Malkin's continued chants of "suck it up".

She, along with many others in the conservative Republican realm, are against Unions. They have this irrational hatred for American workers - no matter the industry - that have organized in order to get better wages and healthcare.

She isn't so much concerned with the reprocussions should the American auto industry fail. She could give less than once ounce of a shit if hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs. She thinks this, says this, and refuses to explain her reasoning. She operates within abstracts, within not-so-well-thought-out catch-phrases because it makes it seem as if the country doesn't need it's auto industry. American workers shouldn't have to Unionize, because surely their employers treat them well.

It's quite the sight to behold, someone so caught up in the script she's been handed that she can comprehend the reality that's right in front of her.

It's apparent that far too many people don't understand that it wouldn't be just the auto industry faily, it would be the support industry as well.

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