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Friday, December 12, 2008

It's About Ideology, Not The Economy

From my own personal perspective, conservative Republicans would gladly slit the throats of the working class in order to push their own ideological nonsense.

Further proving that they are the party of "against" ( this time in reference to the auto industry $15 billion dollar bailout ) the conservative Republicans have turned the 'Big Three' auto maker's financial troubles into nothing more than a massive union-busting effort.

Now that Republicans have squashed the bailout, they are claiming that it was the unions that were at fault:

Here are some comments from UAW president Ron Gettelfinger:

The massive $700 billion dollar bailout for "Wallstreet" passed with such literal ease that it reinforces the notion that many within the Republican political realm care far more about corporate interests than those of the working class. When viewed against the $15 billion dollars requested by the auto industry, there seems to be little - if any - reason to question conservatives motives.

The American economy and the working-class be damned. Conservatives seem to be ready to do whatever it takes to destroy an entire segment of the population just so they can save face with a few.

Think Progress has more.

While there are a variety of opinions regarding the auto industry's need for an injection of funds, I have to ask the question when viewed through the lens of the support industry.

What about the companies that supply steel to the auto makers? US Steel has already thousands of jobs.

There is a definate ripple-effect that many don't seem to be willing to take into consideration.

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