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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You Can Try To Delete Him From Youtube, But Hagee Is Still Insane

It's always interesting to see people attempt to erase history by destroying audio or video that people have already seen. You may have removed them form being seen or heard by anyone else, but the damage is already done. Not only that, but your message - whatever it may be - is most likely still the same.

Late last week, with no prior notification, lawyers for the controversial evangelist John Hagee had a series of videos concerning the pastor removed from YouTube. The clips spanned from the contentious to the mundane; some included footage lifted from sermons Hagee had already made public, others involved documentaries made by filmmakers inside Hagee's conventions. All told more than 120 videos were taken down in the abrupt sweep.

The timing was, perhaps, more peculiar than the move itself. Clips that had been online for well over a year were now being subjected to "third-party" copyright infringement claims. And while Hagee had not been in the mainstream press since he and Sen. John McCain ended their official relationship a month prior, Hagee's Christians United for Israel annual summit is just days away, and at least one prominent McCain backer (Sen. Joseph Lieberman) is set to be in attendance.

Read more at The Huffington Post.


It has been stated by many, though reported by virtually none of the media-at-large, but Paster Hagee is just as inflammatory, if not more than, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

People are more apt to use sites like YouTube or even Google Video to learn about things that the media isn't covering. But, how does wone protect your video from being deleted?

One commentor at The Huffingotn Post has an idea:

The key is to include a snarky remark with the video clip you post. Then it is satire and falls under fair use.


Below, you'll see the kind of fear that is stoked within the religious-right in order to create policies that will "make America safe".

Hagee's lawyers may have scrubbed some of his "messages", but there are still plenty out there.

Just remember, it's important for someone else to interpret the Bible so that you don't have the burden of thinking for yourself.

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