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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I can honestly say that when I look back at Metallica's musical lexicon, I am more than just slightly disappointed in how their music has progressed over the years.

Load, and it's subsequent sister-release Re-Load, do more than just pale in comparison to previous music endeavours - they outright suck.

Truth-be-told, the albums aren't completely unlistenable, they just seem overtly "safe". But, that seems to be what Bob Rock ( producer ) was going for when he began remolding the band when they were working on the "Black" album.

Metallica has since changed producers ( they were working with Rick Rubin for the new album ) and they've decided on some new marketing strategies:

DENVER (Billboard) - Every song from Metallica's upcoming album "Death Magnetic" will be available for gamers to download and play on "Guitar Hero III" and its sequel "Guitar Hero World Tour" on the same as-yet-unannounced day it is released to retail, the band said on its Web site.

Microsoft also mentioned the availability during the E3 gaming conference underway in Los Angeles. A dedicated Metallica "Guitar Hero" game in the vein of the recent Aerosmith title is also in the offing, but it's unknown when it will see the light of day

Some may regard this as selling out ( they more than likely accomplished that business-goal years ago ) and some see it as a new way to reach new fans.

I'm just wondering what the new album sounds like.

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